Enhance Your Parking Lot with LED Lighting 


Having proper parking lot lights helps protect your business, employees, and customers when night falls. If you are building a commercial space and need parking lot lighting installation, or your existing parking lot lights need repair, call on ST Electric, LLC in Mission and McAllen, TX. Parking area lights help to deter criminals from breaking into your business or harming individuals as they walk to their cars at night.

Our trained electricians have over 20 years of experience working on commercial lighting projects. If you own a commercial property or occupy a commercial space, up-to-date parking lot lights should be at the top of your list.

As ST Electric, we only use high quality products. You can rest assured that no corners will be cut during your parking lot lighting installation. Whether you need new lights or need parking lot lighting repairs, our qualified and experienced electricians will efficiently get your commercial space shining in the light once again.

Schedule your parking lot lighting repairs or installation by calling ST Electric at 956-900-3042.

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Why LED retrofits are a great option for your commercial parking Lot

Whether your existing parking area lights are outdated, poor quality or are just not running as efficiently as they once were, you should call ST Electric of Mission and McAllen, TX. Our professional electricians can complete parking lot LED retrofits to enhance your parking area and overall customer experience. LED retrofits are perfect options for commercial space owners because they:

- Help save on energy costs
- Improve the aesthetics of your lot at night
- Reduce the amount of energy used
- Adds security
- And last longer than traditional blubs

Don't wait any longer on enhancing your parking lot in Mission and McAllen, TX. Call ST Electric at 956-900-3042 for your parking lot LED retrofits.